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Manufacturer: NMB Technologies Corporation
Category: Fans, Thermal Management
Quantity: 1000
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Fan Type:Tubeaxial
Size / Dimension:Square - 92mm L x 92mm H x 25mm W
Voltage - Rated:12VDC
Power (Watts):1.92W
Features:Speed Sensor (Tach)
RPM:2450 RPM
Noise:34 dB
Static Pressure:0.108 in H2O (27.0 Pa)
Air Flow:40.6 CFM (1.15m³/min)
Termination:3 Wire Leads
Bearing Type:Ball
Operating Temperature:14 ~ 158°F (-10 ~ 70°C)
Minimum Quantity:300Non-Stock
Unit Price:7.49250
Suppliers: IC Datasheet
PDF: 3610KL-04W-B39-G50 Datasheet(PDF) Download
Description: FAN DC AXIAL 12V 92X25 TAC

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